Sorry, we are no longer accepting Paver orders.


Pavers are a wonderful way to celebrate current, former or future students, NES teachers (both past and present), staff, and administration!

Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, celebrate your grandchild/niece/nephew or celebrate a family NES legacy!

Businesses and Organizations show your support of NES and your  of Newbury by purchasing a paver!


♦ 4×8 Engraved Brick      $75        3 lines/14 characters per line

♦ 8×8 Engraved Brick      $110       6 lines/14 characters per line

♦12×12 Engraved Brick    $175        9 lines/21 characters per line

 ~ We cannot guarantee a specific paver location. ~

To purchase a paver, please CLICK HERE.