Newbury Schematic1-14-14

Proposed Playground Design as of January 14, 2015

~Take a tour of the proposed design.  Click on the picture to magnify the image.~

Slide5As you walk outside the cafeteria, envision a space comprised of pavers and grass, with cattail climbing willows, a checker board, a marble maze run, a 100’s chart, and a labrynth.  Kids can create mathematical rules to challenge each other to climb to the “highest” cattail, create fun games on the 100’s chart, or have fun designing a new marble run each day.  When school is not in session, residents are invited to meet here for a friendly game of chess.  This space is designed to keep you moving, even when playing games that are typically sedentary.



Walk to the Nature Science Trail and explore the grounds.  Educational panels and magnifying glasses will aid in your discovery.  A wooden walkway will make the path ADA compliant.




The Playground Area will provide fun for all with an ADA compliant entry ramp.  Musical instruments and birdhouses will line the entry ramp, along with a small patio area and xylophone bench.

A Newbury Ship, with a fun obstacle course, awaits the children.  It is designed to be physically challenging and spark creativity.

Slide11 Slide12


Just beyond the ship are spinners, hollow tree cubbies, custom learning panels designed to align with core programming, heat absorption study benches, a see-saw, and the crowning jewel, a performance stage aSlide13nd pergola.










The Rain Garden, adjacent to the Playground Area, serves the vital function of filtering water polluted with salt, oil and other debris before entering the wetland area.  A learning stSlide15ation that describes the function of a rain garden will be added, along with a weather station and additional plants.  Imagine walking through the belly of a sea animal.  An ADA compliant bridge will add creativity.  Balance beam sSlide16ections along the tail will add physical challenges.  A rock scramble will challenge students as they ascend from the Rock garden to the Playground Area.





The Pre-K and Kindergarten Area will receive an enchanting makeover to create a more imaginative and creative play space.   Kids will play in a playhouse village created just for them, and a Castle tunnel will take them to a fantasy land, tree cookies and small balance beams will provide physical challenges and a 100’s chart will aid in classroom lessons.  A sensory garden will be added to stimulate senses and provide an additional learning space.



Edible Gardens are a great way to bring learning outdoors.  Kindergarten core programming studies the lifecycle of a plant.  Hands on learning is a fantastic way to solidify lessons learnSlide19ed in the classroom.  NES currently has 19 garden beds scattered throughout the school grounds.  We will move them to one location, provide a shed, and create a hands on learning space.

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An Exercise Trail with equipment suitable for children and adults will solidify the space as a multi-use, multi-generational play space.

A PLYO station will help to increase muscle power and help develop strength for jumping and running.  Increases cardiovascular, endurance, core body & lower body strength, and flexibility.  A self-weighted rower uses your own body weight as resistance PTA Presentation1.15.15 FOR WEBSITE v3targeting both cardiovascular and muscle strengthening benefits.

Un-Even Bars will help build shoulder and bicep strength and a leg press will help build quadriceps, gluteals, and hips. Push-Up Bars promote upper body strength, and strengthens the triceps, pectoralis, deltoids, and the abdominal area while a spring balance beam promotes balancing skills and core strength.


The playground is open to the pubic when school is not in session.